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In Rambouillet everything is possible!


All our language programs are available in the city center in Rambouillet

The international Institute was created in 2012 and is based in the center of Rambouillet.The school provides a wide range of services :

  • To individuals, from nursery school to seniors, including middle and high school students ;
  • to foreign students wishing to improve their level ;
  • to adults wishing to combine language course and French culture.

A place well equipped to respond to your needs

  • 12 classrooms
  • Wifi
  • 1 library with a hundred books and DVD
  • 1 internet room
  • All kinds of tools to learn in the best conditions


Our learning secret: no stress!

A wide choice, tailor-made programs, a large range of themes to explore both language and culture…

Rambouillet is 30 minutes away from Paris directly by train. It’s a typical small town of 25.000 inhabitants, in between province and “Paris City”. Situated in the heart of one of the biggest French forests, it offers over 60km of cycling paths between lakes, waterfalls, hundred year old oaks, deers and animals from the ‘Ile de France’ region. It also marks the beginning of the French granary: la Beauce and its golden fields that extend to Chartres and to the banks of river Loire. The ‘International Institut’ is right in the town’s heart, ten minutes walk from the train station, cinemas and restaurants.

Too often, Langage courses in France are too similar to the type of courses at school. Time goes by between a lesson and another one… and another one!

The International Institute of Rambouillet has been developing for years. It offers a completly different way of learning a language. It offers a good balance between language study and cultural themes.

Part of our program is developing on oral skills, and communication with native speakers, integrating grammar and writing skills when necessary… emphasizing work on vocabulary and idioms. Your progress is amazing and noticeable!