Expats in France

A course to improve French and speed up your integration


Being « Expatriates » in France , a linguistic challenge

It is not easy to leave your country and get used to another language and culture. You are far from friends and family.

The International Institute will help you overcome the language barrier and feel comfortable in your new environment, on a short term basis. You will meet people in the same situation, share your experience and use French daily.

A special French course for expatriates

Our Institute provides a ten hour French course to help you with grammar, vocabulary as well as everyday situations using role-play.

Our programs are based on the school year (September to june) over 30 weeks ,ten hours a week, except school and Bank holidays. You can also apply for a semester (10 weeks renewable).

Each group attends French classes 2 mornings a week (Monday and Tuesday mornings from 9.30 to 12.45 for Level A1 and B1-B2. Thursday and Friday mornings for Level A2-B1). The course is completed by on-line exercises in our internet room and of course by what you experience in your daily routine !

When you apply at the International Institute you get an enrolment certificate for the French authorities (Labour department DIRECCTE and embassy…) This document can prove, if necessary, your commitment to your host country. It may also be requested for your visa.

From April 2018 you will have to take the French exam « TCF Resident card » in order to renew your resident card. A2 is the minimum level required to obtain your Resident card.

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